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The Credit Card – What is it and Should You Get One?

Is it time to replace your worn-out instruments so your band can keep playing its tunes, but is the money nowhere to be found for such a purchase? You will find that this is no problem with this at, as this site offers a platinum Musician’s Friend credit card to help you pay for your purchase. The credit card, though, is different from other ones in use today, as all cardholders receive prior notification of special sales along with exclusive deals just for them. They also will learn about new products before other customers do, which makes it easier to plan their next purchases.

Special Payment Options on Purchases

Once your card application goes through the approval process successfully with Capital One, N.A., you will be able to finance your payments over a 12-month period on eligible purchases if you are current with your account. With certain qualifying brands, you will be able to stretch the payments over an 18-month period. During this time, you will pay no interest, but will need to pay the balance in full by the completion of either choice or you will need to pay Standard APR of 22.9% or Penalty APR of 26.9% interest. The interest will be figured from the original date of purchase. These 12-month and 18-month payment plans expire on 5/31/2015. Check the website for current offers after this date.

Who Might Want to Consider This Credit Card?

Who may want to apply for this payment method with Professional and amateur, adult musicians may consider this credit card the ideal solution to upgrading their present equipment or buying new products. Parents are others who may use this option to purchase musical instruments and accessories for their children. In fact, this credit card option is ideal for anyone who wishes to do business with

Requirement Details

You will need to pass the credit approval process before you earn the right to use this payment option. Luckily, you can apply right on the website in a secure fashion. In the first section, you will need to include your first, middle and last names along with the appropriate suffix if applicable. In addition, your social security number, your date of birth, and driver’s license number and its state of issue are other requirements.

In the next section, you will add your contact and residence information, including whether you own or rent, date of purchase if necessary, monthly housing payments, home and daytime phone numbers, and your email address. Then, you will need to add your employment information with the date you began with the company.

The last section you need to fill out is the section for your financial information. You must include your income in weekly, monthly, or yearly terms. Also, you will need to answer yes or no to whether you have a checking and savings account.

The only item you will have left on the application is your consent to receive information electronically. You then press continue to submit your application. If you receive immediate approval, you can use the card on your present shopping purchase.

Do not let the lack of funds stop you from shopping at this website when you can apply for and use credit card to pay for your purchase. Remember, there are benefits with this card unlike what you will receive with a regular credit card that is not affiliated with this website. Take advantage of these additional discounts and other special offerings. Everyone deserves the right gear, accessories, and payment plans to enjoy playing music!

Lastly, if you do decide to purchase be sure to look at out list of Musician’ coupons before buying – they’ll get you the lowest possible price.