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The Credit Card – Should You Apply for One? is one of the biggest musical instrument retailers on the planet. The company sells numerous types of musical equipment such as guitars, drums, microphones, amps, acoustic strings, DJ controllers, flutes, clarinets and saxophones. even offers services such as music lessons.

It is a music superstore that has everything that is needed by the musically inclined. But what if you had a particular instrument in mind and did not have the cash to pay for it? Don’t worry! There’s still a way to get the electric guitar that you have always wanted. The company has plenty of deals, steals and sales promotions going on at any given moment where you can get great bargains on equipment, accessories and instruments. You can find details of those in our coupon codes section.

However, if you are still strapped for cash, just fill out an application for the credit card. It is called the Guitar Center Gear Card and it is issued via Capital One, N.A. It allows you to purchase musical instruments, equipment and accessories with brand names such as Mapex, DR Pro, Digitech, Black Label, Seagull, Wolfpak, Stanton, Doreli, Agalarian, Acoustic, Roland, Paiste and many more.

It is just a matter of going to one of the many Guitar Center locations and filling out an application for the Guitar Center credit card. Or you can download an application from the internet. The first thing you will see with the download is the application itself. Then there is a privacy policy that is listed by Capital one, the company that issues the card. It is the standard fare that talks about how your personal information is shared, and it gives reasons for why they would need to share your personal information with others. It also tells you options for limiting this process.

Next, you will see the actual credit card agreement. Most of it is regular or general information about the card. But the following are just some things about the credit card agreement that you should know about:

Interest Rates and Penalties

  • The annual percentage rate for all new purchases is 22.9%.
  • The penalty annual percentage rate is 26.9%. You will be given a decent amount of warning if your percentage rate changes because of late payments. If you fail to make a payment within 60 days, the regular APR changes to the Penalty APR. Once this change has been made, you will have a chance to get the old APR back if the next six payments are on time. If you do not make 6 consecutive payments at this point, the penalty rate will become your new APR.
  • The late payment penalty charge is $35; however, depending on how many late payments you have, this amount could be anywhere from $19 to $35.
  • The penalty for a bounced check is $25.

Interest Rate Promotions

Then you will see different information about various promotional interest rates. Many times the company will introduce promotional credit plans with various conditions and durations. For instance, there may be a credit plan that waives interest for a certain amount of duration. Or, you may not have to pay any interest on approved purchases if the balance is paid in full by a certain time. Please note that these interest rates are different from the card’s default rates, and that you should fully understand the promotional credit plan that you are signing up for.

Credit Card Errors

There is a section in the agreement about statement errors. Be certain that you understand the process for correcting errors on your statement. You must contact Capitol One in writing in order to get these errors corrected or removed. Understand that even if you call them about the problem, they are not obligated to investigate the error unless the request is received in writing. You must make the request within 60 days of the error’s occurrence. Capital One has 90 days to either correct the problem or tell you why they feel an error does not exist.

Security Interest Clause

Most credit cards are unsecured, which means that they are not backed by any type of collateral. But the Guitar Center credit card has a twist. It has a security interest clause attached to it. Basically, Capital One has the right to repossess items that you purchase with this credit card if you fail to make payments. The security interest clause applies to the balance of any item until it is paid off. Whether or not an item has been paid off is determined by the date of purchase and how much of your monthly payment is applied towards an item, per Capital One’s calculation.

All in all, the Guitar Center credit card is an option for the music enthusiast who needs a budget friendly option to pay for musical gear. It is just a matter of going online and filling out the application. Make sure that you read all of the fine print of in the credit card agreement before signing on the dotted line. However, this is one way that Guitar makes purchasing products much easier for its customers.

Another great credit card option for buying online is the Musician’s Friend card.